2020 Unico Zelo 'Jade & Jasper' Fiano | Riverland, SA

2020 Unico Zelo 'Jade & Jasper' Fiano | Riverland, SA

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If you aren't already familiar with this variety, let us give you a bit of a breakdown at a glance. 

Fiano is an Italian variety, that enjoys dry hot climates, that you usually find in SA. Whats interesting and different about this grape is that it's able to retain acidity in the heat. So while your Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay often loose this aspect, this grape will hold its own, producing a balanced flavour profile. 

If you enjoy unoaked chardonnay's, they you will probably find yourself enjoying a Fiano. 

This particular drop is best paired with food, a simple chicken or fish dish.