Fury & Son | Brewery Series Pack

Fury & Son | Brewery Series Pack

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From extract brewing in their garage to a large commercial setup, this a father (Fury) and son due have been brewing beer in one way  or another for the better part of 15 years.

Whats in the brew pack? 


True to style, this IPA does not hold back, juicy hop flavours and a strong, mouth quenching bitterness.

Apricot & Mandarin Sour

The zing of mandarin and the sweetness from fresh apricots cut through this light and refreshing kettle sour creating a delicious gulp every time!


Bursting with tropical hop flavours, this crisp and refreshing XPA is perfect for drinking all year round.

Pale Ale

An American style Pale Ale, bursting with citrus and passion-fruit aromas floating above malty caramel notes. 

SXC Double IPA

This double IPA is packed full of hops boasting an unabashed bitterness and full malt backbone.


This is the house favourite here at Bevvy - perfect balance between the flavour profile of Lager & Pale. Easy drinking and session-able.